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NETFLEX® (INDIA) PVT LTD is a leading manufacturer and supplier of finest quality Warp Knitted Fabrics since 1971.We specialize in warp knitted mesh, dazzle, net fabrics, lace fabrics, linings, cotton crochet fabrics, Jacquard fabrics, industrial fabrics, fish net and safety net  fabrics. 

Netflex® is renowned for its fabrics in greigh, solid, dyed, printed and yarn dyed form. These fabrics encompass the latest trends to suit different types of styles and creative designs. The fabrics are manufactured using cotton, viscose, nylon, polyester yarn and their various blends. 

These fabrics are used for creating Hi-Fashion garments, accessories, sports wears, night wears, party wears, industrial use, Bermuda lining, shorts, jackets, medical textiles, fishing nets and special fabrics are manufactured for office furniture and automobile industry.

We have in-house dyeing, flatbed printing, digital printing facility. We also specialize in finishing like Wicking finish, Fire retardant treatment, anti-fungal treatment, anti-microbial, anti-static, water repellent etc.

The company has witnessed excellent growth due to its commitment to quality, large variety, timely delivery and by meeting customer and export parameters.

At Netflex® we envision a world in which buyers would concentrate on their core-areas and can be rest assured that all their requirements are taken care of.  Tailoring our products to meet customer needs, we have achieved an undisputed reputation for innovation and quality.   As a Company we work hard at continuous improvement to achieve a competitive advantage for ourselves and our customers.

We welcome you to get in touch with us regarding any of your queries related to the products and services offered by us.  You may contact Mr. Salman Malkani, Mr. Zahid Vakil or Mr. Faisal Malkani:

D-17, Acme Estate, 2nd Floor, Sewree (E). Mumbai – 400 015
Tel:  91 – 022  24131111 / 24197000
Fax:  91 – 022 24152222 / 24135719
Email: [email protected]

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